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Organize projects, Track time and Report your work

iOS and Android mobile time tracking app

The all-in-one work time tracker for managing fields or remote teams. Simple time tracking and reporting. Proof of work and team management. Unlimited users, projects and tasks.
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Organize projects

Manage your team

Track time

Report work

Set budgets

Set access roles

Become more efficient by understanding how time is spent

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Organize your projects

Edit your projects and tasks. Keep an eye on your project at all times

  • Create projects & tasks
  • Choose the billing method
  • Add team members
  • Set project rates
  • Add budget limits and get automatic alerts
  • Oversee your budget and total project hours

Time tracking

Track the hours your team spends on every project and task

  • Track time on the go
  • Start timer or add time logs manually
  • Start and stop tracking instantly
  • Add projects and tasks to logs
  • Enter description for each time log

How employee time tracking works

  1. 1All team members download IOS or Android apps to track their time
  2. 2They log work hours to tasks and projects with a simple click in the time tracking app
  3. 3Use easy-to-create time reports to know how much time has been spent on projects and tasks in a specific period of time


Maximize profit with easy online time reporting

  • Build detailed and actionable time reports
  • Understand a project's profitability at a glance
  • See how your team spends work hours

How time reporting works

  1. 1Your team tracks time using mobile app
  2. 2Customize time reports by week, team member, project, or client
  3. 3Understand your project’s profitability and plan better

Client & project budgets

Add budget limits and get automatic alerts for any project

  • Decide how much time are you willing to spent on a project
  • Build project budgets based on hours, bill rate, or pay rates
  • Set limits and receive notifications as they’re approached
  • Dig into reports with key insights for future planning

Access roles

Flexible, but simple access roles

With a simple 3-role system, you’ll always know who sees what. You can hide costs and billable amounts from anyone, except account administrators


Can view and edit anything in the account


Can view and edit anything in the assigned projects


Can only track on assigned projects and tasks